digital marketing malaysia
digital marketing malaysia

digital marketing malaysia

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The State of Digital Marketing in Malaysia

Digital marketing scene in Malaysia is a growing phenomenon. The population in Malaysia is about 30 million and close to 20 million use the Internet for social and business purposes. On average, Malaysia spends about 20 hours a week surfing the Internet. With the popularity of tab and smart phones, the number of Malaysians using the Internet will only grow and we wont be surprised to see 100% penetration in the near coming future.

So with so many people embracing the Internet, businesses today will surely take a look into digital and social media marketing. In 2015, sadly only some of the big companies like Air Asia, telcos such as Maxis, Digi and Celcom, food franchise like KFC and Mcdonalds,  companies like Tiger are using this platform effectively. A lot of business are still left behind but the awareness is picking up greatly in Malaysia. Micro businesses however, gladly use the Internet for marketing and promotion simply because it provides a level playing field with the big boys. Think about it, small business do not have the budget to advertise in traditional marketing such as radio or TV advertisement, but they can advertising using digital marketing strategies which we will be covering in this article.

What does a Digital Marketing Agency do in Malaysia?

social media malaysiaSimply stated in plain terms, its marketing using Internet with desktop, tablets, smart phones to reach out the potential customers. It uses a wide range of strategies which will be discussed below.  If you are a company planning to start a digital marketing campaign, these are the things you will need to understand.

1. Lead Generation – Basically your website or landing page will be designed professionally and optimized to capture leads. Leads then is compiled and follow up through a series of free or paid campaigns.

2. Email Marketing – An auto responder basically designed to build your brand awareness to potential customers and educate them.  New customers needs to be nurtured and educated before buying and email marketing is one of the best ways to do it as business can automate and cheaply using this strategy.

3. Search Engine optimization or SEO simply means knowing what keywords are being searched for your business and optimizing it to rank in the top page of search engine. Google today dominates the search engine market followed by Yahoo and Bing. You can either engaged a company such as mine to handle SEO for you or you can pay for Ads placement. However in my opinion, users in Malaysia are getting smarter and educated and rarely click on ads nowadays. However SEO is even more important today as it is inbound marketing for business; simply means users will find you online and they will contact you to give you business. Is that not wonderful marketing?

4. Social Media Marketing– Malaysians are top when it comes to social media. Probably we have the highest penetration using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Youtube. Each of these sites have their own advertising campaign manager and a good social media consultant can advice companies on how to generate more traffic or leads to the website and the digital marketing cycle can begin.

Sample of digital marketing service form.

What are Criteria in Choosing a top Social Media Agency in Malaysia?

Like canadian online pharmacy-over the counter viagra-generic cialis any other business, you need to do your part in first understanding what you want. Even though digital marketing in Malaysia is fairly new, many business have been burned before because they engaged a website that serves no purpose, they spend money but cannot cover their ROI and now businesses are skeptical about all this online marketing strategies.

First of all, I will suggest for you to look at the experience of the company. What have they contribute to the digital marketing scene in Malaysia? Who are their clients today and what are their current project. Take note though, the more established companies will charge you higher price for their services which I will also break down later. However if you ask me what is the no1. criteria I would like in a online advertising company I will say is their passion. Look for a company that is willing to work with you, take risk and even offer money back guarantee if they cannot meet your ROI. I know it is difficult to justify all these but working with an established company like Internet Academy Enterprise will put your mind at ease.

How Much Will it Cost to Internet Marketing Campaign Run in Malaysia?

digital marketing malaysiaThere is no standard price for these services simply because its not regulated and these depends on the age of the company and also the expertise. However I will do my best to give you a break down of services offered in the digital marketing agency

Web design and development – I will charge an average of RM2000 to see how I can consult your business to grow your marketing effort with a comprehensive report before starting anything. Wed design or a landing page will cost from RM3000, e-commerce site about RM8000 onwards and depending on how much more customization needed to be done.

Social Media Marketing – Easily range from RM1000/mth retainer fee for at least 12 months and the budget allocated will be billed separately. On average I will encourage small company to have at least RM500 budget on Facebook advertisement monthly and for bigger company up to RM5000 a month. The more leads generated, means the more money made for your company.

E-mail marketing campaign\ buy cialis\ canadian pharmacy viagra – Starting from RM3000, most companies will design, set up a sales funnel using email marketing system for you. Monthly charges about RM100-500 depending on the number of your email list. If you have below 500 email contacts, it is about RM50 a month only.

Training on digital marketing – Sometimes company engage me to train their team in house and most trainers charge about RM3000 a day training. Most training runs about 2-3 days so be prepared to engaged a trainer for about RM8000 for the whole duration of the training.

Of course they are other cost involved such a video editing, copywriting, graphic design which can range from few hundreds to few thousands depending on complexity and the establishment of the company.

Final Advice on Digital Marketing for Companies in Malaysia

Don’t be intimated by the cost, it is all justified by ROI at the end of the day. A good digital marketing agency will easily show you a 12 months program and the cost needed to spend and whether the ROI is justified or not. If you are thinking of starting a online marketing campaign for your business or just need training, feel free to contact me directly at 019 4751379 – Charles. I would love to hear and talk to you. Remember, rather than spending time learning and implementing and not seeing results, its cheaper to always engaged a professional to handle all these for you.

At the end of the day, my top secret is  I still believe the best form of marketing is through word of mouth or recommendation from a friend whom we trust. Social media and internet or digital marketing is just the platform to run these campaigns. Do not be trapped by using all the latest tools and fad you read online. Only engage a consultant who can tell you what to do, when to do and show you results through reports and tracking with Internet. All the best!

digital marketing

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