How to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Local Business in Malaysia
social media marketing malaysia

How to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Local Business in Malaysia

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How to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Local Business in Malaysia

social media marketing malaysiaIf you have a local business, you are always trying to find the most effective ways to advertise and increase your visibility with the end result being an increase in sales and profits. There are many out there who think that social media marketing is just another fad that will fade out soon enough and as such they don’t see the need to take advantage of its services. A lot of local businesses don’t even know what the tools are much less how to use them. The benefits of using social media marketing for local business are enormous as long as it is used in the right way.
How then can this new method of marketing be used to benefit your business? A few of the points are outlined below.One of the main benefits to use social media is that you have the opportunity to increase brand loyalty for your business. As more and more persons turn to the web for information and to shop for products, the opportunity to increase the loyalty of current customers increases. It allows the business to connect even more with their target audience.

Another important benefit is the opportunity to increase brand recognition. It allows the business to be more visible in other words. Customers appreciate being able to get information on a particular company without having to go through the more traditional methods. They also get the opportunity to see just how many other persons appreciate your product or service. A simple positive post from a pleased customer can bring in new customers.

Do you want your company to seem more personable? If so then social media marketing for local business is the way to go. When companies opt to start using social media as a key marketing tool, the current and potential customers view the company as being more humanized. It is a plus to know that when you choose to do business with a company that they can easily be reached, that a tweet or post will get an almost immediate response. In the long run, the conversion rates will be increased. It has also been highlighted through studies that the brand tends to get more credibility and trust when there are lots of followers.

Facebook Marketing for Malaysian Business

The use of Facebook marketing for Malaysian business is excellent. I have a few case studies I am showing so please feel free to click on it. The clicks are cheap and many small business uses it. However the trend and question now can B2b business in Malaysia leverage on social media marketing? I believe so. Personally I believe that companies and corporates should ride the wave of social media marketing in Malaysia and leave their competitor biting the dust!

Consider the following scenario. You have a local business and a website but you have not tapped into the social media market as yet. As such you are restricted to how you can get maximum exposure. Only people who are familiar with your product or service will be able to find you based on keywords you use. To change that and increase inbound traffic to your website you have to get on social media. The more profiles you have and the more posts you make is the more visible you will become and that is what you want to happen. The key is to make sure that you have quality content available to hold the attention of and cause the conversion of potential clients.

When you opt to interact with your customer via social media it shows that you stand behind your product. Nowadays when persons are pleased with a service or products that they receive they tend to go to social media and write about it. All they have to do is put the companies name in and others will be able to follow that post to keep updated. As with the other options, the benefits of lots of persons complementing your product or service are innumerable. All of the positive buzz will appeal to new customers. In the short term you will have higher brand authority.

As has been mentioned before social media is the new way that people choose to communicate. This gives the business the opportunity to stay in touch with the customer. It is the perfect opportunity to show the high quality of customer service that your company has. People like when a business is personable. They love to be able to interact with a person in the company. If a customer says there is a problem, the business can immediately deal with the issue by first apologizing and then taking the necessary steps to rectify the issue. The way that issues are dealt with can help to firm up customer loyalty and bring in new customers. It is all about enriching the customers’ experience.

Using Social Media Marketing to Reduce Cost

Interestingly enough use of social media can help to reduce marketing costs. The traditional forms of marketing can quickly become expensive. With social media, an hour or two can be spent working out marketing strategy and then it can be launched online and within a few hours you can start to see the effect that it has. Even if you contract the services of a company to get it done, you will realize that it works out to be cheaper and possibly more effective. You can set a budget and work within it. As soon as you see the positive results of your online campaign then you can increase the budget to target a wider market.

When you use social media marketing for local business as leverage you can also find out how the customer behaves and what it is that they have an interest in. the best way to know what people think about your business is to read their opinions via social media. You can also find out what the customer would be more interested in finding out about and provide that content. Any promotions you do can also be measured to see how they were received by the customer. Through this method you can fine tune the information that is put out to appeal even more to retain current customers and attract new ones.

Last but not least consider Search engine Optimization (SEO) as a social media marketing for local business tool. It is still one of the best ways to increase the level of traffic that you get from search engines. It is something that has to be monitored closely as changes tend to occur quickly. It is important to maintain a strong presence on social media as well as to optimize Meta descriptions and title tags as well as keeping the blogs updated and having a strong set of keywords. All of this will improve the credibility of the brand.

When social media marketing is done correctly, the number of conversions will increase and the customer base will increase. The level of traffic that you get will also increase. It is important to maintain the online presence to reap the benefits.

social media marketing malaysia

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